Lately, I have been feeling super lit up!! 

Sure, more sunlight and warmer temperatures play a role, but as I got curious, I realized how blessed I have been in my 51 years on this earth (and some of these blessings, at the time, felt more like curses). 

I’m fascinated by how the path I’ve been on has led me exactly where I am today. All the challenges I’ve overcome, disappointments I’ve felt, and lessons learned have helped shape, mold, and create this NEW version of me that chooses light and love to overshadow fear.

Coming to this place required me to release a few things along the way, namely the tendency to hold grudges, old stories, beliefs around what I “should” be, the need for external validation, and a harsh inner critic.  

Whoaa, those are some heavy energies, and alleviating them meant being willing to do some significant contemplation. This process included first allowing them to be seen and explored in their most raw form and then observing how these things showed up in my life, blocking and pinching me off from what was possible.

As I continue this journey, acceptance and softening of my edges begin to feel more natural, especially as we celebrate the Spring Equinox—a time of renewal and rebirth, thawing from the winter freeze, quickening of the pace, and embracing the lightning of the dark. 

It is interesting to witness reactions from others as they notice something and maybe can’t really name it. I’ve learned to be stubborn in a way that keeps me from rebounding back to the old, familiar version of me.  

I practice patience and grace with my own awareness of this new version of me and give compassion to the parts that lean towards turning back. I let them be seen and honored for all their wisdom and thank them for reclaiming my innocence. 

This process didn’t happen overnight or in a linear manner. It took reminders in the form of heartbreak and difficulties in relationships, careers, and family. Each Spring, I feel this energy amplify! 

What are some “blessings” in your life? 

Are there places where you can soften and open to potential?

Where are you being pinched off from FLOW? 

Can you allow, accept, and even embrace the present moment and ride the wave of spring into the renewed version of yourself?!?!?

My upcoming RECLAIM Retreat is a perfect time and place to explore these questions more. A time to take a deep dive into your old stories and beliefs and emerge to a place of compassion, grace, and self-love for yourself! 

Contact me today to learn more, or visit my website to explore how the retreat will help you create space to RECLAIM your true self this spring. 

With love and gratitude,