I’m coming off a short getaway with some beautiful souls I met while working as a coaching mentor a couple of years back. There are several of us in various locations around the country, including Canada. We keep up with virtual connections as often as possible and occasionally like to meet live and soak in each other’s magic for a few days.

I love these little opportunities to separate from the mundane routine and immerse myself in spaces with some of my favorite people, sharing stories, profoundly connecting, and nurturing our bonds with each other. Upon my return, I expanded my capacity to love and hold space in other areas of my life.  

Traveling, making plans, and arrangements, especially when groups are involved, can sometimes feel overwhelming, yet I’ve not had the occasion where I’ve returned and said-NEVER AGAIN.

Each time, things work out. I gain perspective, enjoy new experiences, push my edges, and validate where I am along my joyful journey. It’s cool to look back and see how far I’ve come, from being a “loner” to thriving in the community.  

It’s been a thing for me in most areas of my life. I distinctly remember being repulsed by exercise classes and isolating myself in the gym with headphones and a hat covering most of my eyes and face, hoping to avoid eye contact and conversations.  

Now, I work out almost exclusively in groups, either in weight training or yoga classes. Sure, I still enjoy a nice solo walk on the trail or a quick peloton workout, but I prefer the feel and support of a community and the camaraderie that comes with it.  

As I’ve learned to open my heart to new experiences and release “old stories” about being the only person who could care for me, allowing others “in” with discernment has brought such richness to my life. 

As I felt into hosting the RECLAIM Retreat at River Mountain, I knew most of the logistics would be taken care of, and attendees would be able to “show up.” And I can’t wait until we do. It’s just a short six weeks away now. The excitement and energy build nicely as I fine-tune the experience and schedule. 

If you are wondering what it might feel like to spend three days in nature with a group of beautiful souls, sharing meals, exploring your edges, and immersed in the serenity of mother nature while attending to your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

You are invited to join the RECLAIM Retreat. I’ve just completed the itinerary and have built in plenty of time for you to participate in group activities or enjoy the surroundings solo.

With love and gratitude,