Winding down the Winter Yin season, a time to experience more physical light and sense less density in the energetic frequencies swirling around us. Let this be an invitation to honor and appreciate the past ten weeks and the ample opportunity for deep introspection and reflection. 

At the same time, I’ve been noticing the transition into the more Yang energy- an active, growth-oriented spring season. 

This feeling is the equivalent of waking up from Savansian at the end of a yoga class to the instructor saying, “Bring some gentle awareness to your fingers and toes; begin to re-awaken the body, and return to this space.”  

If you’re not into yoga, it’s like a slow rise on a zero agenda Sunday morning, no alarm, just tuning in and taking a full body stretch before even considering getting out of bed. 

It is TIME TO RISE, my love! 

I encourage you to allow the contraction of the slower, calmer Yin energy (you did observe this, right?) to begin opening and expanding with the abundance of higher energy frequencies and freshness of spring. Take in this awakening energy and awareness of the new season at your own pace.

Transitioning slowly to the Yang energy, we will ease into a more active, outwardly intentionally motivated way of being. You may recall this analogy, but we are beginning to ease off the brake, slide into first gear, and prepare to let the acceleration begin.

This is the perfect time to ask yourself, “What has been lying dormant beneath the surface and bubbling up?” Observe and listen.

Let your intuition guide you to your heart’s desire. Connect with the energy and newness of spring and let it guide your actions. 

Repeat this with me as you step into a new beginning following your intuition: “Trust and step, trust and step.”

I am here to help you in the process and uncover new possibilities you can embody this year. Send me a note or join me for some upcoming in-person events:

Much love and many blessings to you!

With love and gratitude,