On your own terms . . .

This statement resonated with me when I read it on an Oracle card this week.

It got me thinking . . .

Am I living life on my own terms

The truth.  

I flip-flop on the answer to this question. Yep, I go back and forth from the version of myself that has done the internal healing work, the deep dive “who the F am I” work, then at times, I boomerang back into the version of myself that was familiar, comfortable, and easy. And you know what? It is all part of the process—learning, growing, and healing.

Acclimating to the next iteration of ourselves requires us to be patient and understand that the hard-wired behaviors in us will take time to change. I encourage you to be sincere but not severe with yourself; YEP, let it be fun! And sometimes, it is not an up-leveling at all; it is a return to the innocence that at one time was our set point; it was where we felt the most aligned and connected to our true selves. 

I’ve learned to give this process a wide berth and lots of space. I now notice the red flags of misalignment and how they feel in my body, where my thoughts go, and the actions that follow those emotions and thoughts are usually unfavorable, and I feel “off.” 

When this happens, I acknowledge old patterns and beliefs with so much curiosity and remind myself of the times when these behaviors or patterns served to protect me and that I no longer need that protection.  

You see that scared, doubtful, smaller self wants to be seen and loved; she can be nurtured and soothed and provide the medicine of comfort and peace when she is included and not avoided or suppressed. 

With all this, I have a new perspective on what it means to “live life on my own terms.” For me, it feels like being stubborn in a productive way and allowing this healed version of myself to become the more familiar, easily accessed set of emotions, thoughts, and actions in complete alignment with all that I desire to attract more of what I deserve. 

Peace, Joy, and the Expressor and Receiver of PURE LOVE! 

With love and gratitude,