Have you ever heard the term sacred rage? 

Let me explain: sacred rage is anger that comes with direction, focus, and the compelling urge to do something to make a change. My sacred rage is allowing the past to determine the future, accepting the status quo, and victimhood. Essentially, the adage “people don’t change.” PURE BS!

As a young woman who struggled with self-esteem, body image, disordered eating, depression, and self-confidence, it felt more natural to me to fall into the same old routine, make excuses, and throw my hands up in despair, saying, “It’s not fair” and “It’s not my fault, that (fill in the blank).”

However, this version of me did not end there. I became curious and motivated to change these old patterns and beliefs. Through a series of fortunate relationships, experiences, therapists, coaches, workshops, retreats, and so much more, I learned that I am more than just the thoughts and emotions that project out into the world and onto others. 

I am the one who observes those thoughts and emotions, and I get to discern when and if I act on them, if they require my focus and attention, or if they are attempting to keep me safe based on outdated programming and external factors that may no longer be relevant or beneficial to me in the current moment. 

As I incorporated practices like breathwork, meditation, and other energy and somatic tools, it became more than just “knowing” logically that I was standing in my way. I knew it intuitively and began to feel that I was out of alignment with my true self, and I learned that it was time to recalibrate my nervous system from a state of constant chaos and turmoil to an awareness of peace and calm. 

This is a hell of a lot better starting point than where I was before.

Being able to return intuitively to my center and find joy without forcing it is how I embody these calmer, more regulated states. 

At the same time, I am aware of and acknowledge the harm from myself and others, and peeling back the layers of protection that formed around my fragile heart has given me a new perspective. 

Slowly integrating forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion has been a process of healing the heart’s wounds. It was this internal journey of exploring where I shut down and walled off my emotional body that I found the capacity to experience intense emotions in a healthy and titrated manner—leaving me capable of even more profound healing. 

This is an ongoing and fulfilling process of learning to love and accept myself so that I can be available for love and acceptance of and for others! 

My journey has shown me that I can overcome these challenges, that I am not alone, and that other women and men experience similar patterns, beliefs, or behaviors. 

I’m passionate about sharing these practices for a couple of reasons: 

  1. They are powerful and transformational.
  2. When we heal ourselves, we heal all those that have come before and after us. It creates a ripple effect that can truly impact the whole world. 

The more awake and heart-centered we are, the more likely we are to impact those in our families and beyond. Discovering sisterhood and a community to support and lean on has been a fantastic gift.

I’m beyond excited to share so much of what I have learned and provide you with that level of support and community in my upcoming Reclaim Retreat.

If you are curious, check it out here! I am happy to join you in your journey of self-acceptance and a path towards a more regulated and calm state of being.

I’ll share more over the next several months, so stay tuned. 

With love and gratitude,