Most mornings, I wake in time to view the sunrise. I’m obsessed with how the shades of color slowly creep over the horizon outside my window as I sip a cup of coffee. It brings me peace, comfort, and a sense of gratitude for the ebb and flow of life, the gift of darkness and light that allows me to experience a new day, a new beginning, and all possible within it.

Just a few days ago, when it was super cloudy and the shades were gray, I began to ponder an old adage I had heard growing up.

I’ll believe it when I see it, and as I often tend to do in the clarity of morning, I asked myself, what else is here for me that is not visible? A good example is the sun, which rises daily but can not always be seen.

Every day, the sun rises, the earth rotates, gravity holds us to the planet, seeds sprout, energy flows and life evolves. Our emotions fluctuate, our physical bodies change, and we observe, experience, and make choices.

This notion of having to see something to believe tends towards a lack of trust and faith in what is possible. As if the only truths were that we can see, it dawned on me that this couldn’t be further from the truth! 

What I’ve learned in the many years of studying personal development, self-help, coaching, and somatics is more in line with the phrase and work of Dr Wayne Dyer.

“I’ll see it when I believe it.”

Ahh, this feels much better in my system, as if my beliefs and attitude can influence my experience.

So, what is here for us that we are not seeing???

Consider how much of your experience is on autopilot, entirely driven by subconscious thoughts and routines or outdated beliefs and constructs that no longer serve your current reality. 

I laugh when my husband asks, “Why do you get up so early and sit looking out the window?”  

I share that “I am seeing my day unfold.” I am expressing gratitude for what is to come. I am setting intentions and clearing stagnant energy to promote my life force energy to flow freely in alignment with my desires.  

I visualize and embody the feelings of LOVE, COMPASSION, and GRACE, believing so that I can see!

Try it: Wake a little earlier, find stillness and breath, release habitual thoughts, and SEE the day before you. Set your intention. Sometimes, it may be as simple as:  “Today, I will slow down, experience the day as it unfolds, and approach it with ease and grace…”

And see what comes!

With love and gratitude,