I’d love to share something near and dear to my heart this week. Several years ago, I attended a fundraiser for the nonprofit organization CASA Washington County. It was a beautiful evening with food, drinks, a silent auction, great speakers, and a memorable cause.  

CASA (Count Appointed Special Advocate) organization trains and mobilizes individuals from the community to advocate and speak up for abused and neglected children who are involved in the county court system.  

I remember leaving that event feeling like I wanted to get involved somehow. My personal history, love and compassion for humanity, soft spot for underserved children, and many other factors contributed to this intense desire to serve in this capacity. However, at that particular time, it was not a great fit, given the extensive training and time commitment required. 

So, I kept a close watch on the organization from a distance, contributing to fundraisers when I could. Then, in April this year, I was invited to join their annual walk in Washington County.

… this week, I completed my CASA Volunteer training and was sworn in by Judge McDonald.  

So I had to ask myself, was it fear that held me back or lack of confidence in my ability, or was it just not the “right” time?

Reflecting on this rather lengthy process of several years, not only was time a factor in my decision to wait, but I was also not in a place energetically and emotionally where I could show up 100% and serve.  

And when the opportunity presented itself last April, it was a whole body of “YES! I” trusted myself even when the “yes” was wishy-washy and allowed my emotional and spiritual body to catch up to my logical mind. The decision was simple and felt “right.”

I want to extend an open invitation here…

What is on your heart? As we move towards the holiday season and the start of a new year, take inventory of your passions and how you are being called to serve.  

If you could benefit from slowing down and turning inward for clarity and insight, join me on November 27th at the next CBQ Session, where we will leave space for plenty of reflection and heart exploration. 

You never know what might show up for you and lead you personally and professionally.

With love and gratitude,