Welcome to my NEW website! I am so excited to begin my new journey and share my evolution from Food & Body to Embodiment & Self Love Coaching with you.

My Evolution . . .

If I’m being honest, I always knew. My intuitive body was well aware that how I was operating was not the answer. By that, I mean, in my 28 years of fighting tooth and nail to maintain a healthy weight with force and constant struggle felt like absolute torture.  

My reward for “staying” on track was brief stints of happiness and pride, followed by diet after diet, self-depreciation, and disappointment. Frustration lined the river banks that held me as I paddled upstream against the flow of life, tying and tangling the emotional knots inside that restricted the flow of life. 

It led to a deeper wounding of my self-worth and psyche (which manifested as weight gain and bouts of low-level depression/discontent with life).

And in that time, the emotional eating “work” I practiced and shared with my clients was the impetus and necessary path towards my evolution towards embodiment and self-love, and now it’s my pleasure to share it with you. 

Why Embodiment + Self-Love Coaching

In my years of coaching clients, for wellness and weight loss, the most common phrase I heard was: 

“I know what I need to do, I am just not doing it”.  

That phrase says it all…we have been operating from the logical mind and not the emotional body and paddling upstream against the current or flow of life.  

When I shifted my focus 

  • From modifying behaviors to examining beliefs
  • From emotional stress to embodiment of my core values
  • From self doubt to  self love

My whole life changed! 

Put simply, I’ll say knowing happens in the mind independent of the emotional body even separating us from it…stick with me here this is where it all gets super interesting.

What is Grow With The Flow?

Being in FLOW is a state of being, and there is nothing you have to DO to be in a flow state, but there is a way in which to BE that creates the natural state of FLOW. Growing with the Flow is much like a plant growing towards the sun. We are a part of nature and therefore capable of working with what is available through natural processes.  

Growing with the Flow is deepening our connection to who we are at our core and experiencing life from that energetic state.  

Can you relate to this state of being?

We are truly meant to Grow towards our dreams and desires. It is not a matter of what we have to do to change. It is a matter of how we transcend to expand and deepen the relationship to who we’re meant to be in our most natural state. I will help you grow with the flow so that you can begin to amplify joy and happiness in your life, relationships and future endeavors. 

I am so looking forward to reconnecting with all of you Sunseekers! I hope that you’ll continue to follow me in this NEW journey and sign-up for my newsletter. Until next time . . . 

Let Love Flow!