Clocks went back last weekend. Are you feeling the energetic shift? 

It’s rather magical how less daylight in 24 hours de-regulates our nervous system. You may notice it more abruptly if you weren’t feeling it before changing the clock and acclimating to the gradual shift.

Let’s shed some light on the brilliance of this season of slow down, nature’s way of pregaming or foreplay, if you will. Getting us ready for the master of chill mode, winter.  

I invite you to take this opportunity to create a new ritual or two to magnify the benefits of aligning with the natural rhythms of the seasons.

I know you don’t have time to slow down. This time of year is the “busy season.” The holidays are coming, parties, shopping, cooking, all the things.  

Let me share something I’ve realized on my journey of connecting to seasonal energy with intentional practices like Qi Gong and Breathwork. 

Each of these practices has a way of connecting me to the life force energy and emotional energy that are always present and influencing me daily.

These energies, “Qi,” when honored and worked with/cultivated “Gong,” begin to align my inner and outer worlds, creating a sense of peace and harmony that permeates through my day-to-day choices, experiences, and interactions.

Regular, intentional Breathwork reunites me with my emotional body of energy and the ability to release heavy, stuck, or stagnant emotional energy that, when released, opens up space for lightness, clarity, and flow. 

Through these modalities, I release control around the details of my life and tap into the potential for what’s possible, focusing on the outcome vs. the details of how the less stress has a place in the equation and the more I can relax and be in the present moment which allows for ease and joy in the busy days of this glorious season.

Suppose we pay attention to what is unfolding before us without ruminating on all the “stuff,” aka negative chatter, that we’ve accumulated over the years… we GET TO notice the pure essence of gratitude, the beauty of giving and receiving while fully experiencing it all as expressions of love.

Leaning even further into this energetic flow has brought me into the true spirit of slowing down and honoring who I am in this process and my crucial role in modeling this way of being for others.  

So why not perceive this season for what it is intended: an inward and onward opportunity? As I have said before, going deep allows us to connect to our power and shine even brighter.  

Want support in these seasonal transitions?  

I invite you to join me for the last CBQ group session for the year on November 27th, or if you prefer a little 1:1 work, schedule a free-flow session here.

With love and gratitude,